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ITEP's 3 STEPS to hire top IT Executives!

Find out how you are able to hire top IT Executives for your company or how to land your new job.



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Walk & Talk

Recruitment is just like competitive sports!

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"   The ultimate goal is to find your perfect match...
This is when we need to work as a fantastic team before we can score  The Goal
When each other's expectations are managed, we can start looking for your next employer!  "


The perfect match

Together we will go through 3 simple steps to help find a fantastic new executive!

Step 1.

The Walk & Talk

That's right, you

and I will Walk &

Talk to find out

the WHY, WHAT,


MUCH you are

looking for in this

key role for 

your organization.

Step 2.

The Meet & Match

Our commitment to you and your company is to find you 5 great candidates, within 5 working days and it will cost you just 5X30 minutes of your time to select Mrs. or Mr. right for the job.  On to Step 3.

Step 3.

The Goal!                     

It's a crucial step in the hiring process and one in which your  future colleague, you and IT-EP work as a team to make sure everyone is happy and your new employee is able to hit the ground running to help accelerate your company's growth!

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You and I may come to the conlusion that:

You are a believer that our approach to executive search can and will help you find the best talent in the market.  Let's make IT happen for you!  

You really don't believe that IT-EP is able to find better people for your organization and would rather stick to your traditional channels for finding staff.  

You are still a bit skeptical and need to talk to some of our references if IT-EP is really Walking the Talk!  Please do…

You really enjoyed the Walk & Talk; the Walk & Talk provided me with new insights on how to search and select the right candidates and you may consider to use IT-EP in the future.

The Walk & Talk, essentially a walk with you in a desirable location. I have conducted Walk & Talks with great people like you in Amsterdam,  Barcelona, Haarlem, Saint Tropez, La Jolla,  London, Munich, Pipa and Rome. I combine the Walk & Talk with an intake conversation empowered by great coffee at our offices!